Resolving eBay Login and Connectivity Issues

This guide provides quick solutions for login and connectivity issues encountered when importing eBay listings into PrimeLister or cross-listing listings to eBay.

Encountering login and connectivity issues while importing your eBay listings into PrimeLister or trying to publish new listings on eBay can disrupt your workflow. This guide is designed to help you quickly troubleshoot and resolve these specific issues, ensuring a seamless experience with our platform.

Understanding the Error

Recognize the common error messages indicating a connectivity problem:

Such errors usually signify a disruption in the connection between your eBay shop and PrimeLister’s extension or web application.

Resolution Steps

  • Log Out and Log In to eBay: Refreshing your eBay session can often fix connectivity issues.

  • Open an eBay Listing in Edit Mode: Activating your eBay session by editing a listing can be crucial for a successful operation.

  • Log Out and Log In to the PrimeLister Extension: Similarly, refreshing your PrimeLister extension session can help clear errors.

  • Refresh Marketplace Connections: On the "My Shops" page in our web application, click "Connect All" to sync connections across your eBay store, our extension, and web app.

  • Attempt Importing Again: With connections refreshed, try importing your listings once more.

  • Import in Batches: To avoid overload, import items in smaller batches rather than all at once.

  • Direct Cross-Listing on eBay: For a smoother experience, cross-list directly on eBay. This automatically updates your web inventory, bypassing separate import steps.

  • In the web app, navigate to the Tasks page and the Completed tab to view error messages for failed operations.

  • Through the extension, failed tasks appear under Completed Tasks with detailed error messages upon hovering over the error badge.

Additional Considerations

  • Use the latest version of the PrimeLister web application or Chrome Extension to prevent compatibility issues.

  • Ensure you are logged into eBay in the same browser when using PrimeLister for uninterrupted connectivity.

  • Keeping the eBay webpage open in another tab might reduce issues when initiating tasks from the PrimeLister web application due to active eBay sessions.

Follow these steps to resolve login and connectivity issues effectively. For unresolved issues, our live chat support is always ready to assist you in streamlining your eBay listing management process with PrimeLister.

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