Mercari Window Must be in The Foreground to Proceed

Full error text: Mercari window must be in the foreground to proceed

Platform: Only Mercari

After Mercari's last update, it will no longer be able to run in the background exclusively for the PrimeLister Mercari platform. This means that you will only be able to do the Relist and Duplicate features if you have chrome open in front of you. To put it more clearly, you cannot relist or duplicate in the background while watching videos on YouTube for example. Chrome has to be actively open while PrimeLister will relist and duplicate.

How to resolve this error?

If Chrome is open in front of you and you don't touch anything while PrimeLister is running, the problem will be solved.

P.S: We are working to solve this problem but you have to use it this way until we solve the problem.

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