What Permissions Does PrimeLister Use?

PrimeLister Extension uses the following permissons on your browser:

  • Read your browsing history: PrimeLister uses the permission of reading your browsing history in order to access the tabs in the Chrome Browser when it opens and closes tabs to publish listings to several marketplace websites such as Poshmark, Mercari, eBay, Etsy, Facebook Marketplace, Instagram and Depop.

  • Display notifications: PrimeLister uses the permission of display notifications in order to send notifications when tasks have been completed and failed to complete due to an error.

  • Site access: PrimeLister uses the permission of site access in order to work on the websites as follows that is only needed to be accessed:

    • https://*.depop.com/*

    • https://*.ebay.com/*

    • https://*.etsy.com/*

    • https://*.facebook.com/*

    • https://*.grailed.com/*

    • https://*.kidizen.com/*

    • https://*.mercari.com/*

    • https://*.myshopify.com/*

    • https://*.poshmark.ca/*

    • https://*.poshmark.com/*

    • https://*.tradesy.com/*

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