Source Listing is not Found

Source listing is not found error is given when the item you are relisting has been deleted from the platform.

The relist feature allows you to publish a copy of your listings from scratch automatically. Relisting stands for the task of deleting the current listing and then publishing a copy of it. According to your preference, the relisting feature can be operated on a single listing or a group of selected listings as well as all listings. The relisting feature can be used for both active and inactive listings.

Why are you probably getting this error?

Primelister first creates a copy of the selected item while relisting a listing. Later, it deletes the previous listing of the item and publishes the new listing created during the relisting operation. In case the original listing is already deleted from the platform, PrimeLister gives an error message because it cannot find the previous listing to be deleted. Also, the re-listing operation ends automatically and the existing listing does not get duplicated.

Say you have an item with ID LISTING-1 and you scheduled a re-listing task for this item to be operated at 7 P.M. Afterwards, you re-list this item manually before 7 P.M. Re-listing the item manually would change the ID of the item and your listing would have a different ID than the one you scheduled the re-listing operation for. When it is 7 P.M PrimeLister would start operating the re-listing task and give a “Source listing is not found” error due to the discrepancy between the ID of the scheduled task and the ID of the actual listing.

Say you created multiple re-listing tasks to be executed one after the other for the same item. Since each re-listing would cause the ID of the listing to be changed, only the first re-listing operation can be executed. The rest of the tasks cannot be executed and PrimeLister would give a “Source listing is not found” error while executing for them.

How to resolve this error?

Pay attention to the following to avoid this error:

  1. Make sure that the items you choose to re-list are not deleted from the platform.

  2. Make sure you do not re-list the same item manually before the scheduled time of the task when you schedule an item to be re-listed.

  3. Make sure you do not create multiple re-listing tasks for the same item on a single page. If you want to re-list an item multiple times, refresh the page before each time you create consecutive re-listing tasks.

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