Transition to PrimeLister Extension V2: Superior Performance and New Features Await

Firstly, if you want to check the cloud automation features directly or connect your account without reading the following article, you can learn how to access the product by reviewing this article.

Six months ago, we informed you about phasing out the current extension. Today, the more stable PrimeLister Extension V2 is live, and Extension V1 is discontinued. Please install PrimeLister V2 using the same link.

Click here for the download link.

Why did we discontinue Extension V1?

PrimeLister initially required the extension for crosslisting and Poshmark automation. To enhance flexibility and ease of access, we developed a cloud-based, mobile-accessible product that doesn't require your PC to stay on. Extensions have several drawbacks, such as the need for your PC to be on, rapid unstable updates, persistent bugs, and Chrome browser issues. Google Chrome recently introduced a new extension development infrastructure and set a deadline of June 1 for updates. Failure to comply could result in unexpected bugs and potential malfunction of old extensions.

Rather than subjecting you to this troublesome transition, we decided to switch to the new infrastructure. After months of hard work, we successfully completed the transition, and V1 has been discontinued. What awaits you?

Are all use-cases available for the V2 transition, and are the reasons we use you still valid?

Previously, some use-cases for Poshmark automation were not available in the first version. Starting today, you can perform bulk offers, price updates, and relisting features for selected items, making your workflow more efficient. For example, you can update prices for multiple items simultaneously.

We met individually with customers who wished to continue using the Poshmark automation extension, and they wanted to perform actions on selected listings. This capability is now available, removing any obstacles for transition.

Crosslisting has become more stable, with many bugs resolved in this version. You can now perform cross-listing more quickly and reliably.

Will Poshmark automation no longer be available in the extension?

With this update, our Poshmark automation product has become unrivaled. We are now at least six months ahead of all competitors due to unique features and technological advancements, solidifying our competitive edge.

Poshmark cloud automation operates entirely in the cloud, eliminating the need to keep your PC on. You can view all your tasks in real-time and access analytics. All use-cases, such as closet clear out, are supported. You can also use new features like scheduled offers, relisting, and price updates for selected products.

Are the prices going to remain the same?

Yes, the prices will remain the same. We're offering advanced cross-listing, better stability, and enhanced Poshmark automation features at no additional cost.

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