Your item could not be listed due to an error. Please try listing the item again.

Error: Your Item Could Not be Listed due to an Error. Please Return to the Home Screen and Try Listing the Item Again.

This error is getting by our customers as of 01.10.2020.

Why are you getting this error probably?

Sometimes errors like this can occur when updates its site. You are getting this error due to mistakes made by their development teams.

How to resolve this error?

This error has nothing to do with the PrimeLister. Now try to add any of your products by making a copy-listing, you will get the same error. When resolves the error, your error will be resolved without any update.

Updated article at 04.10.2020 technical team solved the problem. Bugs fixed. If you are still getting an error please log out and log in again. Sometimes chrome caches the old mercari website version. You can use PrimeLister. Thank you for your understanding.

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