How to Send Bulk Offers on Mercari


  1. Navigate to your listings page on Mercari.

  2. Click on the "PrimeLister Actions" button which is on the left side of the listing search bar.

  3. Click the 'Offer to Likers' button.

  4. Enter your offer (Percentage discount from the current price)

  5. Click the "Yes, continue!" button

  6. A tab in your browser will be opened and the task will be done automatically.

  7. Please do not close this tab. It will be closed automatically when the task is done.

PrimeLister allows sending bulk offers on Mercari.

As you may know, Mercari allows sellers to send offers to likes, but if you have a dozen or hundreds of active items it could take a lot of your time to do it. With PrimeLister you can do it only with just one click.

The app scans your items and selects those that have at least one Liker, and sends your offer discount.

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