👥Affiliate Program Guide

Refer your friends — and start earning! Earn a commission on the monthly payments of each PrimeLister subscriber you referred and get paid on a monthly basis. 💸

What are some of the benefits of the PrimeLister Affiliate Program?

  1. Receive commissions for each paying referral

    PrimeLister will pay you 30% of the subscription amount of each referred subscriber.

  2. Provide a special discount to referred users The new users that signed up with your affiliate link get a 30% discount on their subscription fee for their first month.

  3. Keep track of your earnings We value transparency, which is why we provide you with real-time access to all of your affiliate activity metrics. You can view all of the details, such as clicks, sign-ups, and purchases, that occurred through your affiliate link in your affiliate panel.

  4. Withdraw your affiliate earnings Your affiliate earnings are processed and paid out on the 1st and 15th of each month.

Can anyone become a referral member?

Any PrimeLister user may join the affiliate program. However, in order to be eligible for referral earnings and get withdraw your funds, you need to be an active subscriber on any paid plan.

What are my responsibilities as a Referral Member?

  1. Your goal is to get as many individuals as possible to sign up for PrimeLister using your own affiliate link.

  2. Share your enthusiasm for PrimeLister and encourage your friends and family to join PrimeLister! This usually requires presenting your own unique story and experience with PrimeLister, as well as how PrimeLister has assisted you in growing your business.

  3. We encourage speaking directly with friends and relatives, posting online and on social media, and representing PrimeLister as best you can.

  4. Referral members can share artwork and media that we supply.

Commissions and Discounts

  • You earn 30% of the income originated from the active subscriptions of each PrimeLister user that you referred, as long as they keep paying for their subscriptions.

  • People who sign up for PrimeLister using your affiliate link get a 30% off their first month of paid subscriptions.

PrimeLister Affiliate Program can help you generate significant income. Just by referring 10 friends to the Cross-list Pro Plan($49.99), you can earn $1799.64 per year!

How to use Affiliate Program

  1. Get your link affiliate link

    1. Navigate to your PrimeLister Inventory Panel page.

    2. Click on the Account button.

    3. You will redirect the Account Page

    4. Click on the Affiliate button.

    5. A new tab in your browser will be opened.

    6. You will see your affiliate link.

    7. Click on the Copy Link button.

  2. Share your link Share your link. When people use it to sign up, they save 30% on their first payment.

  3. Get paid Earn 30% of all referred retained revenue and get paid on a monthly basis.

Affiliate Program Terms of Use

  1. Users should use your affiliate link when they signup for the PrimeLister in order to be affiliated to your affiliate account. Otherwise, we are unable to affiliate users to your affiliate account manually.

  2. In order to withdraw your affiliate income, you need to be a paying customer who holds an active subscription on any paid plan.

  3. The minimum limit for affiliate earning payout is $50.

  4. The payouts are processed after a 30-day holding period in order to compensate for any possible refunds.

  5. The affiliate commissions earned from the sale of annual subscriptions are paid out as even monthly installments while each monthly installment is held on for 30 days before paying out considering potential refunds that can be requested by affiliated customers.

  6. Payouts are processed through PayPal, therefore you must provide your PayPal account in order to get paid. If you do not have a PayPal account yet, you will need to create one.

  7. Self-referral is prohibited and will result in account suspension.

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