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Number of Tasks Available for Free in Trial Version

PrimeLister comes with a 14-days free trial. The main reason why we offer a free trial is to let our users try PrimeLister out by themselves and see how it works and how it improves their selling performance.
During the trial period, you may cross-list or relist up to 100 listings and complete up to 15,000 actions such as sharing, following, etc.
The free trial users cannot do any more listing actions when the limits in the free trial account have been exceeded. If you exceeded the limits and want to keep using PrimeLister you should subscribe to one of our plans.
PrimeLister is a competitive reselling tool and some people tend to do thousands of tasks after creating a free trial account without paying for the service. That is unfair for our existing users that already pay for the service and our free trial limits are set to protect fair usage amongst our users.
Notice: If you think that you did not have a chance to try the tool or to use all of the limits in your trial account for free within 14 days, please get in touch with us using the live chat so we can extend the due date of your trial.