PrimeLister helps you scroll the page of your closet automatically to save you time creating tasks on PrimeLister! 🚀

Tutorial Video 🎞

Poshmark Automation - Auto-scroll Tutorial Video

Step by Step Guide 🧾

1️⃣ Navigate to your Poshmark closet page on your browser.
ℹ️ You will see the PrimeLister toolbar on the right side of the screen.
2️⃣ Click on the Start Auto Scroll button on the PrimeLister toolbar.
ℹ️ PrimeLister Extension will start to scroll down your closet page automatically so that you can select all the listings loaded on the page easily before creating a task.
3️⃣ Optionally click on the Stop Auto Scroll button when you want to stop scrolling the page.
4️⃣ Click on the Select button on the PrimeLister toolbar to select all the listings loaded on the page.