Understanding Your Poshmark Automation Subscription: Cloud Transition and New Enforcement

Our terms have always stated that each subscription is valid for one closet only. Due to limitations in our Chrome extension, users were previously able to manage multiple closets under a single subscription.

As we migrate to our more robust, secure, and efficient Cloud Automation platform, we are simply enforcing the original one-closet-per-subscription policy that has been in place since our inception. We are not introducing a new pricing strategy; we are merely applying the existing one in a cloud-based environment.

We understand that this transition might raise questions, so we've put together this FAQ to address your concerns and provide clear guidelines going forward.

Q: What has changed in the Poshmark Automation Subscription?

A: Previously, users could manage multiple closets with a single subscription via our Chrome extension. Going forward, and in line with our original policy, each closet will require its own separate subscription, especially with the introduction of our Cloud Automation.

Q: How do I transition my existing subscription?

A: If you have been managing multiple closets with a single subscription, you'll need to sign up for separate subscriptions for each closet.

Q: What if I have more than 10 closets?

A: Our current pricing structure is designed for up to 10 closets. If you manage more than 10, please contact our support team for customized solutions.

Q: What happens to Lifetime Subscriptions under the new policy?

A: Lifetime subscriptions are valid for a single closet only. If you wish to add more closets, you'll need to upgrade your subscription.

Under the new policy, all existing lifetime subscriptions will be converted to a single valid monthly plan for one closet. If you choose to upgrade to manage more closets, additional charges will apply based on the new pricing model.

However, if you later decide to revert back to a single closet after upgrading, no further payments will be required as long as you maintain just that one closet under the lifetime subscription.

Q: How does the new pricing work for multiple closets?

A: We've updated our pricing model to offer discounts for those who manage multiple closets. For a complete overview of pricing for all closets, you can directly review the rates by clicking

Monthly Pricing for Up to 10 Closets:

# of ClosetsPrice Per Unit







Annual Pricing for Up to 10 Closets:

# of ClosetsPrice Per Unit







For any special circumstances or further questions, feel free to reach out to our support team by emailing support@primelister.com.

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